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Beeper: The Ultimate Solution for Aggregating Your Conversations?


Tired of juggling between WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, and other messaging apps? The Beeper app promises to bring all your conversations into one interface. A dream come true? Let’s analyze the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of this application together.,…

Discovering VMware ESXi Free: A Beginner’s Guide

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Virtualization has become a vital tool in the world of information technology, managing hardware resources with unparalleled efficiency. VMware, a front-runner in this domain, offers a variety of solutions including VMware ESXi, a free version of their virtualization platform. The…

Enabling Volume Shadow Copy Using PowerShell


If you’re familiar with the world of Windows administration, you probably know about the hidden gem called Volume Shadow Copy (VSS). Born alongside Windows Server 2003, VSS has been quietly providing a layer of protection for your files and folders.…

Software Tools 101: A Handy Guide

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No matter whether you are a professional sysadmin, an ardent tech enthusiast, or a diligent freelancer, the tech world demands continuous learning and adaptation. Expanding your software toolkit isn’t merely about mastering your current resources, but also actively investigating fresh…